Gas Installation / Rates

List and details of the services we offer and our rates. 


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Gas Odor

What to do if you smell gas and suspect you have a leak

Understanding your Bill

Step-by-step breakdown of how we calculate your monthly bill.

We get asked many questions:  How do I get a gas permit? Do I have to sign up for gas services? How do I change my address? How does East Smoky Gas come up with their rates? Does East Smoky Gas sell secondary gas lines? How much is the Carbon Levy? Who do I contact about Pipeline Crossings and Proximity Agreements?

Are you wondering who we work with? Here you will find helpful links to some of our peers. You will find helpful information regarding natural gas and gas utilities in our province.

Are you on the fence about getting natural gas? Not sure if you'll save money switching over from diesel or propane? Do the comparison yourself. We have a step-by-step guide so you can compare your numbers and see just how much you will save! Click here  for more information!